In today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive market, declining revenues and the ever growing need for and innovation are the key drivers for motivation at Hi-Phone. We aim to set our selves apart by becoming a trusted partner in the mobile data infrastructure market.

At the core of our business is our belief that a personalised customer engagement strategy along with true value-exchange are the basis for the most effective mobile solutions, which is only achievable through an unconstrained platform leading to truly effective partnership in the mobile ecosystem. Hi-Phone group always strives to provide the missing links within the ecosystem, by combining the highest levels of premium content with a top-notch content delivery platform, to ensure maximum user satisfaction and client profitability.


Hi-Phone Group is an untraditional VAS company, which strives to challenge the status quo and establish itself as one of the leading companies in the VAS space. Mobile technology is constantly evolving, and so are we. We maintain a crystal clear focus on all sorts of rich-media content that pushes the limit and always suit customers' emerging needs as new features are launched.

Our highly capable team of professionals at Hi-Phone is passionate about premium content, content delivery and the overall end-user experience. Our daily objective is to maintain a streamlined experience, from a-z, by providing an end-to-end solution which combines the highest level of quality content and a top-notch management platform, to ultimately maintain an absolutely pleasurable digital experience.


We strive to provide nothing less than the best, and that is what we will provide. In terms of both content and all other supporting platforms, to achieve a truly valuable, stable service

Revenue generation is a true challenge, but we do love a good challenge. That is why we strive to constantly provide clients with new innovative schemas that aim to increase profitability and maximize revenue generation.

Using our established operator connections and cutting-edge marketing techniques, we make sure each & every service we launch is intensively seen & heard.



Through our existing partnerships, Hi-Phone offer access to premium short code billing gateway as well as direct operator billing capabilities, which in turn enables our partners to access and unleash new monetisation models out of the box.


The title says it all. A dependable and highly scalable service that can be launched instantly with any number of partners to enable direct integration with radio stations through a set of dedicated short codes.


Our reputation and experience has enabled us to maintain strong connections to operators in more than 20 countries, which enables us to offer instant connectivity between content providers and top-reputed mobile operators in no-time.


Launching a new service is the first step, but efficient marketing is what makes all the difference. At Hi-Phone, we go over and beyond to make sure that all of our own/partners' launched services are successful by using bulk SMS, social media, radio and other means of innovative advertising approaches.


The highest quality of entertaining, informative & useful content is what we aim to provide, which is why we are always striving to obtain copy-rights for premium, exclusive content from the most prestigious organizations around the world.


A fully dedicated team of highly capable professionals is committed to delivering an amazing mobile experience, by mixing the right balance of a wonderful UI and strong technical functionalities.


The web is no longer the ecosystem that it used to be, as it currently caters to a wide variety of mediums. By focusing on HTML5 technologies, our team has been shipping multimedia-centric websites, that compel a sense of instant usability for the user. Along with fully customizable web apps, with seamless administrative functionalities.


Our frustration with what is currently available in the market, has driven us to create an optimum platform solution that offers the most user-friendly interface, and operates at blazing-fast speeds. This system is greatly scalable and customizable to ensure a dependable, efficient experience.


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